Saturday, August 16, 2008


I created a record in LibraryThing, made a list of a few books and manipulated them into some order then tried to create a link to my blog but it wouldn't work - something to do with HTML. Can anyone help with that? The same process worked with my word cloud from Generator.
This is a really good way of keeping track of reading lists and seeing what others are reading that is similar and could be of interest. That is only part of LibraryThing but all I will do for now.

Friday, August 15, 2008


I played around with word clouds on Generator - this could provide hours of fun and useful stuff for publishing too. I also created a new English town in Buckinghamshire - do I now have to go over and populate it? That was only two of the many possibilities on that site but I ran out of time to play with more.

Learning2.0 SandBox wiki

SandBox wiki is a good fun tool for sharing information. I added a quotation to that thread and look forward to more 'favourites' appearing in the lists.


Wikis can be very useful for information but because anyone can post or edit an entry they cannot be treated as a primary source and their editorial content should be checked with other sites for validity.

I went into Albany County Library staff wiki (because of our own Albany) and found it very interesting to see everything from staff rosters to brainstorming sessions out there in the public domain. Some of the findings could be useful to other libraries facing the same issues.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Web2.0, Library 2.0

There are very interesting comments on the OCLC next Space Newsletter. I particularly liked Wendy Schultz saying that libraries are not just part of a community - they ARE a community. Some members of that community may, as quoted in another article, spend 40 hours a week using the Internet in varoious ways so libraries must be up to date with new technologies for these patrons and not appear 'stuffy'. These patrons need never enter a library building with requesting on line, Interloan, shared catalogues, Any Questions, pay online and home delivery of requested items.
However, we also need to remember that not all patrons have or want this type of access. For them a visit to the library and the personal help/advice/chat that they can have with a librarian is important.
We therefore need to be aware of the needs of ALL our patrons and be ready to offer them each the service that they require.


I didn't find the format of Technorati very inviting, but with perserverance I looked into various things - travel, books etc.
Found a stunning slideshow of the Olympic Games Opening Ceremony which I missed on Friday night/Saturday morning because i was too tired to stay up - now I really wish I had! would be a great way to spend a wet Sunday (I nearly did), drilling down into further and further links and tags. There is lots to discover out there and why reinvent the wheel if someone else has done searching in your chosen field but you can always add another spoke to the wheel with your own discoveries. I will try reorganising my long booklist of favourites and hopefully adding more.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

RSS feeds

I have created a Bloglines account and added 2 feeds. The first time I tried I was locked out but the next time it worked well. I have added news feeds by putting in the site I wanted but would like some British book review sites if anyone knows a good one.